Hello world!

Ok, so, working on this new-fangled WordPress thingy.

Pic that I created for my Game Design course. Ship was modeled in Groboto and the scene created and rendered in Vue.

I’ve been here and there, done this and that. I haven’t followed any particular career course.

Started with Telecom back in 1985 although, of course, it was the Post Office C&M branch back then. It’s where I got my solid grounding in tech.

After that I did a tech course at Unitec which was Carrington Polytech at the time. That was supplemented with part-time work at one of the new city contractors which morphed into full time work by the end of the year.

Tried branching out into building and selling PCs. That didn’t really work out as well as hoped and I was functionally unemployed.

Did some contract work at Eagle Boyz pizza which morphed into a full time job when Restaurant Brands bought it out.

Actually my first model I did in Groboto. The robot is from Poser. Scene set and rendered in Vue.

Went from there to McDonald’s as a floor manager. Stayed there for a few years before moving on.

Worked at Teletech which was the outsourced Xtra help-desk for about a year. From there moved to the TestraClear help-desk for about another year.

Then I went to Uni at Otago and studied politics and economics.

The GFC happened, National put more restrictions on getting an education and so I ended up back in Auckland unemployed.

Went back to Unitec and got my Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

Same model as above but with different textures and a different scene. Rendered in Vue again.