Name Generator

I write fiction such as Azeroth comes to Remnant. One of the problems I have is my inability to come up with names hence I wrote this small piece of software that does it for me.

Yes, the software I use to write my fiction has a random name selector. It has several long lists of names from many different cultures which, when you click on the button, randomly selects from those lists. Certainly appreciated if I’m writing fiction based upon Earth but not so useful if I’m writing fiction based in a galaxy far, far away. Can’t really expect cultures there to come up with the same names as those on Earth.

So, I wrote a simple program in C# that generates random letter sequences. A simple mask allows those sequences to be structured as in the screen-shot above. That mask is, hypothetically, capable of generating my actual name. Not likely to, of course, but possible.

Using a mask that constrains the letters generated allows for a name that is pronounceable at least. The first names in the screen-shot are all pronounceable. Usable is another question. I doubt if I’d ever use Digap but the other four are fine. The last names, not so good.

The last names show how adding letters decreases the chances of getting a viable name. This becomes even more true when using a few consonants in a row. Still, not completely useless. Replace a letter here and there and it may be just what you need to spark your own imagination.

It’s here if you want to use it yourself.