Nothing really comes close to the feeling of partaking of and sharing your own art. The art can take many forms. Painting, drawing, 3D CGI or, even, simply cooking. My own artwork crosses many disciplines including the writing of my fanfic, the production of 3D CGI and brewing my own beer. I’ve been brewing my own beer for a few years now and it’s always been well received.

Until now I’ve always gone form the brew bucket to bottles and relied upon a secondary fermentation to give it its head. This has the downside of always leaving sediment in the bottom of the bottle which, even with the best pouring, can end up in the glass and taint the flavour of the beer. That tainting is even worse for cider.

For my most recent effort I’ve got rid of the bottles and put it in straight into a keg. As can be seen from the picture I ran it through a filter to remove as much sediment as possible. This means that the beer in the keg is as sediment free as can be achieved. Although there will be some ongoing fermentation as the yeast finishes off any left over sugars it’s unlikely to produce enough sediment to affect the flavour of the beer.

As I’ve skipped the secondary fermentation this means that other means is needed to give the beer a nice head. The means chosen is simply keeping it under pressure in the keg with CO2. The CO2 dissolves into the beer to give it it’s head and is also used to draw the beer out of the keg and into the glass.

Use of a mini-keg and a small CO2 charger means that I can even take kegged beer with me.

In other words, I now serve tap beer.