Writing Restart

So, been having trouble getting my writing game on. Combination of lack of inspiration, writer’s block, and not liking what I was writing.

Actually, that lack of inspiration may be a bit incorrect. After all, I’ve usually got a few scenes floating around in my head at any given time but even a single scene is nothing if there’s nothing to connect it to.

Fifteen scenes from Harry Potter? Meaningless if none of them connect to any of the others.

Imagination is great but it needs to be directed toward the desired goal and not just left to run rampant. This was not something I was taught as a child (in fact, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I was never taught anything as a child).

I tried starting a ‘Snippets’ thread over on Sufficient Velocity but that’s just giving in to the lack of goal. I still intend to more snippets over time just to help improve my writing speed.

After my continued failure at re-writing Taylor Hebert: Goddess of Justice I’d pretty much given up on writing anything of the Worm-verse. Especially considering that I was just too damn stuck on that one but I’ve recently started a new one and, so far, it’s flowing well.


Using a magic system based upon D&D but modified for my own purposes. Mostly because the D&D magic system doesn’t actually work that well mostly because no one seems to have considered what power is needed for a spell to work resulting in high inconsistency.

Still, it is a place to start and Taylor is going to have some interesting times learning and implementing a magic system into Earth Bet.